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Jubilee Entertainment is a leading supplier of carnival rides and attractions in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern Rivers NSW and Sydney. Since 1996, we have had great pleasure in providing the very best amusement rides for hire in a safe, reliable and professional manner. If your organisation is planning a special event, we have the widest range and the very best prices. Spectacular thrill rides, classic carnival attractions, children's fairground entertainment - with over 20 years experience in the amusement industry, our customer service, and reputation for quality in the best in the business.

childrens amusement rides

Children's Rides

Littlies can ride the day away as they bounce, climb, slide, twirl and spin on our wide range of attractions designed for the youngsters.

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family amusement rides

Family Rides

Whether it's the speed of the Super Slide or excitement of the Dodgems, there's fun for all ages with Jubilee's family-friendly attractions.

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high thrill amusement rides

High Thrill Rides

Looking for excitement? We'll you have found it! In fact, we have some of the fastest, wildest, and most thrilling rides for hire in Brisbane!

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fairground fun food.jpg

Fairground Fun Food

What's a day at the fair without our traditional Fairground treats such as fresh Fairy Floss on a stick and icy cold Snow Cones!

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carnival games for hire

Carnival Games

All ages can enjoy the fun and excitement of the carnival classic Sideshow Games experience. Step right up and try your luck!

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fireworks displays brisbane

Associated Services

We can put together a package covering all your entertainment needs including Fireworks, Stage Hire, Showbags, Roving Performers and more!

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Rides! Rides! Rides!

Jubilee is the ultimate source of heart-pumping, full-throttle high-thrill attractions, guaranteed to have white-knuckle riders screaming - for more! If you have the need for speed, get taken to new heights in fun and excitement on the wild and wicked Round Up, howlin' Hurricane, awesome Miami Trip, soaring Paratrooper, crazy Cha Cha, bump'n thump'n Dodgems Cars, and the electrifying Storm.

Looking for something new, exciting and different to keep the kids entertained? Our range of family-friendly attractions can't be beaten for reliability, class or quality. The Bat Tower has set new standards in jaw-dropping fun. The Whirlwind features a unique hydraulic "lifting" action, brilliant lighting and a surging music system making this the best Swing Ride going round. The multi-coloured Super Slide is without doubt the best in the business! We have fairground rides and attractions to suit all ages and types of events:

  • Miami Trip
  • Round Up
  • Dodgem Cars
  • Cha Cha
  • Hurricane
  • Storm
  • Paratrooper
  • Whirlwind
  • Bat Tower
  • Super Slide
  • Mobile Rock Climbing Wall
  • Bumper Balls
  • Alien Laser Game
  • Cup & Saucer Ride
  • Laser Skirmish
  • Rocking Tug
  • Bungy Trampolines
  • Krazy Bumper Kars
  • Gladiator Challenge
  • Bounce Club Disco
  • Beach Party
  • Caveman Capers
  • Jungle Jive
  • Lasseter's Gold Mine
  • Lion Safari
  • Cactus Cabin
  • Jungle Fever
  • Trackless Train
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All New From Jubilee - Mega Dodgems!

Biggest is certainly best when it comes to our spectacular new set of Dodgem Cars. Imported from Europe, and at 22m by 20, this is the newest and largest Dodgem Track available for hire in Brisbane! With 15 Cars in operation, queues are kept to a minimum. Add a great sound system, brilliant multi-coloured carnival lighting and a competitive hire fee; Jubilee's Dodgems cannot be beaten for size, quality or value for money...read more.

jubilee entertainment dodgems

All New From Jubilee - Wipeout Challenge!

Wipeout Challenge is the latest addition to our fantastic range of fun-filled interactive inflatables, and is destined to become one of our most popular! Whether you are ready to take up the challenge, or prefer to stand by and catch all the action, Wipeout Challenge will give hours of fabulous entertainment at a wide range of special events. Suitable for all ages too! Participants 6 years to adult take to their podiums, them jump, duck, weave and avoid the padded wipeout pole as it spins round & round and up & down...read more.

wipeout challenge

All the Fun of the Fair!

Jubilee Entertainment not only supplies the very best amusement rides for hire in Brisbane, we can also offer a number of other special event services. We only deal with the most professional and reliable operators in the industry, which helps ensure your next special is an overwhelming success. As part of our entertainment package, the following attractions and services can be included:

  • Sideshow Games
  • Petting Zoo
  • Pony Rides
  • Reptile Display
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Face Painters
  • Clowns
  • Fireworks Displays
  • Stage Hire
  • Lighting and Sound
  • Show Bags
  • Fairy Floss
  • Snow Cones
  • Ice Cream Vendors
  • Spanish Churros
  • Poffertjes
  • Hot Food Vans
  • Food Trucks
  • Graphic Art Design
  • Online Special Event Advertising
special event services

Are you organising your first Fete or Fair? Looking for a few suggestions to add variety to an existing event? Check out the Fete Tips on this website. For more information, the Fete Guide website has heaps of suggestions, ideas and recommendations covering all aspects of organising a school fete.

Fetes, Fairs, Festivals and Fun Days!

Guarantee the success of your next special event with Jubilee Entertainment's attractions for all occasions. Every year, we delight ten's of thousands of children and their parents at a range of events and functions including:

  • School Fairs
  • Community Festivals
  • Country Fairs
  • Family Fun Days
  • Sporting Break Ups
  • Corporate Christmas Parties
  • Company Promotions
  • Private Parties
  • Friday Night Carnivals
  • Country Rodeos
  • Movie Sets
  • Multicultural Festivals
  • Spring Fairs
  • School Fundraisers
  • Christmas Carol's Nights
  • Church Picnics
  • Vacation Care Fun Days
  • Grand Openings
  • Fun Fairs
  • University Open Days
  • Kindy Fete
  • Country Shows
  • Music Festivals
  • Social Club Fun Days
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What areas do you service?

Over the past 20 years, Jubilee Entertainment has proudly serviced the South-East Queensland and Northern Rivers NSW regions. We attend may events each year in this area - fetes, fairs, festivals, fun days - and cover districts including:

  • Northern Rivers NSW - Evan's Head to the south, out to Casino, Kyogle, Murwillumbah and the Tweed Coast.
  • Gold Coast and Hinterland - Paradise Point down to Coolangatta, Gold Coast Hinterland out to Beaudesert and the Scenic Rim.
  • Brisbane Metropolitan and surrounding - All Brisbane areas plus Logan, Ipswich, Redland Bay and Moreton Bay.
  • Toowoomba - The Lockyer Valley from Aratula out to Toowoomba, up to Esk and back through Gatton.
  • Sunshine Coast - From Woodford up to Maleny and Noosa Heads to the north, then back through Nambour, Maroochydore and Caloundra.
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Hire or Commission Basis?

Organisers of special events have the option of booking their amusement attractions on either a Flat-Rate Hire or 80/20 Profit Share format. The Flat-Rate Hire arrangement may suitable for all types of events, whereas Profit-Share tends to be viable a fund-raising events such as school fetes and community festivals.

Flat-Rate Hire

The organisation hires a certain number/type of items from Jubilee. The profit made by the organisation is all monies taken over and above the total hire fee. Jubilee will transport, set-up, fully supervise, and then pack up each attraction. The organisation is responsible for all ticket/day pass sales and marketing.

Advantages? Depending on attendance and weather, profits can often be greater than 80/20 profit share for the organisation, especially when previous event figures are available, to determine the number of attractions to hire. Disadvantages? The organisation accepts all risks as to attendance and weather. A 20% deposit is required, which is transferable, though non-refundable. Once the equipment leaves for delivery on the day, pro rata costs will be required by Jubilee, should the event be cancelled or postponed. Once the equipment has been set up, the full hire fee will be due, irrespective or further proceedings.

80/20 Profit Share

Jubilee contracts to supply an agreed upon number/type of attractions on the day. At the end of the event, the proceeds from all Day Pass and individual rides tickets are subsequently totalled and shared on an 80(jubilee)/20(organisation) basis. Ticket Selling duties are shared between Jubilee and the organisation.

Advantages? Jubilee accepts all risks as to attendance and weather. The organisation is not liable for any costs or hire fees. If the event is interrupted or cancelled due to inclement weather, Jubilee accepts all costs including transport, wages etc. Jubilee will also supply ticket booths, signage, promotional posters, staff for the ticket/Day Pass booth, tables, tickets, Day Passes etc. Disadvantages? The organisation's 20% of total Ticket/Day Pass takings may be less than the difference between the total hire fee of the rides, and total takings.

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Safety First!

Jubilee Entertainment is committed to providing the safest and most professionally operated amusement ride hire service in the business. Our equipment is rigorously serviced and maintained by full-time employees, who's role is to ensure the attractions are supplied in perfect working order. All mechanical amusement rides are annually inspected by fully-qualified structural and electrical engineers; registered nationally with Workplace Health and Safety; and covered by our $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

Rider Height Requirement Signage is displayed at the front of all amusement devices whilst in operation. Jubilee Ride Supervisiors are fully trained and experienced in the operation of every amusement device they operate - from the smallest of Jumping Castles, to the largest of Slides.

In order get the most out of your amusement rides, there are important rules to ALWAYS follow to keep your experience SAFE and FUN!

  • BEFORE THE RIDE - Observe the ride in motion and all HEIGHT RESTRICTION signs to determine whether or not the ride is appropriate for you or a child in your care. Read and follow all the rules for each ride and instruct any children in your care on how to behave appropriately. Follow all instructions from the ride operator at all times. Be sure to remove any loose articles such as sunglasses, hats, phones, and jewelry that have the potential to fall off during the ride.
  • DURING THE RIDE - Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited on all amusement rides. Remain seated and restrained and be sure to keep your arms, legs and head inside the ride at all times. Use all safety equipment which the ride offers and remember to always listen to the ride operators' instructions.
  • AFTER THE RIDE - When the ride is over, remain seated until you come to a complete stop and the ride operator instructs you to exit. If you feel tired, stop riding or take a break. The rides are not as much fun if you are exhausted.
  • BEHAVIOR - We expect all riders to behave in a family-friendly manner. Line jumping, profanity and unruly behavior are offensive to other riders and may be cause for ejection without refund.

For a full description of our amusement ride safety rules and guidelines, please visit the Safety page on this website. By following these guidelines, a safe and enjoyable fairground experience is assured for the whole family.

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Why choose Jubilee?

Jubilee Entertainment has been supplying amusement in the South-East Qld and Northern Rivers NSW region for over 20 years, and our reputation is second to none. When selecting a ride provider for your special event, don't base the decision on price alone, as there are many factors to consider:

  • Safety - Jubilee's impeccable safety record is the best in the business.
  • Experience - Our event supervisors have 20 years experience in the industry having personally attended over 1,000 school fetes and fairs!
  • Quality - Our entire range of attractions are stored undercover, and maintained in new, or near-new condition. We have one of the best ranges of quality inflatables in the industry, all imported directly from the UK and designed to Australian Standards.
  • Reliability - Well maintained equipment is not only safe and enjoyable to ride; it's reliable, which reduces break-downs and downtime to a minimum.
  • Presentation - Great artwork, spectacular lighting, awesome music systems, the latest up-market designs. You will be riding "first class" with Jubilee!
  • Competitive - We look after our clients with a professional service at competitive hire rates.
  • Supervision - The owners of Jubilee are present at every medium-large event we are booked - from start to finish. Our clients benefit from Jubilee's expertise, knowledge and experience.
  • Support - The success of your Fete, Fair, Festival or Fun Day is just as important to us, as it is to you. We can assist with marketing and promotion of your event via online advertising, banner, poster and flyer design. This entire website was designed and developed by Jubilee's Graphic Art department.
  • Reputaton - Our reputation is built on quality. We annually attend many of Brisbane's biggest Fetes and Fairs. Some of our clients have been with Jubilee for over 20 years!
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Lets Get In Touch!

If you are considering hiring rides for a special event, look no further. Jubilee Entertainment has the widest range of amusement rides for hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW. Throughout the year we put on events both large and small; everything from School Fetes to Spring Fairs - Company Picnics or Community Festivals. Whatever the size of your event, Jubilee Entertainment has everything you are looking for!

For further details including pricing and availability, call us on (07) 55307330.

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