What experience do you have in the amusement industry?

Plenty! Jubilee Entertainment commenced operations in 1996. Since that time, we have personally attended over 1,000 School Fetes, Fairs and Festivals. Our managers know the amusement industry inside-out, and can assist organisers in all aspects of special-event management - layout, power, entertainment, advertising, and safety.

What areas do you service?

We regularly attend events throughout Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast, Logan and the Scenic Rim, then out through Ipswich to Toowoomba. We travel as far to the north as Noosa, then back through the Sunshine Coast, North Lakes, Redcliffe, and Redlands, plus Brisbane and adjoining suburbs.

Will the owners of Jubilee Entertainment be on location during the event?

Yes! Jubilee Entertainment is a family owned business that takes a hands on approach to event participation. One of the owners will be present at each event from start to finish. We will be responsible for the on-site set up, operations and pack up of all attractions supplied to each event. With over 20 years experience in the industry, you can be assured that if any important decisions or changes have to be made during the event, they can be made professionally, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

Is there a dress code for all Jubilee Entertainment employees?

Yes, our staff are polite, well-mannered, neatly-dressed, and supervise the attractions wearing uniforms consisting of smart casual Polo shirts.

Are your amusement rides and attractions insured for Public Liability?

Yes, we are fully covered by $20 Million Public Liability Insurance. Our Certificate of Currency is available upon request. The Certificate is normally supplied upon confirmation of a booking.

Are your amusement rides and attractions registered with Workplace Health and Safety?

Yes, all mechanical amusement devices are annually registered with Worksafe Qld and are thoroughly inspected by fully qualified Structural Engineers. Certificates are available upon request, along with copies of Risk Management etc.

Are your employees covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance?

Yes, every staff membered employed at Jubilee Entertainment is covered by Workcover Qld Worker's Compensation Insurance.

We would like to see the Log Books for each ride booked for our event - is this possible?

Each ride's Log Book stays with the ride at all times, and can be made available for inspection at a predetermined time after arriving at the event, and before the attraction starts operation. Certain pages of the Log Book can be downloaded from this website. These pages include Public Liability Insurance, Worker Compensation, Plant Registration, Engineer's Inspection Certificates and Risk Management.

What procedures are in place to ensure the amusements are safe?

Each amusement device is regularly maintained in perfect working order, and stored in our undercover Warehouse complex. Safety checklists are implemented after set up at each event we attend. Attractions are annually inspected by fully qualified Structural Engineers. Our ride supervisors are fully trained in all aspects of ride operation and amusement safety.

Do you supply the power and lighting for your rides?

Yes, all medium to large attractions are supplied with three-phase generators, which in turn, provide the power for a number of additional smaller rides and lighting. If medium and large attractions are not present at an event, we can supply small commercial generators for the children's rides, jumping castles etc.

Will your staff supervise the rides at all times?

Yes, our ride attendants will supervise each attraction at all times whilst in operation.

Our committee wants to save money by using our own volunteers to supervise the rides - is this ok?

No! All Public Liability Insurance Policies require that each and every amusement ride must be supervised by a fully trained employee of the amusement company providing the attraction. If an accident ocurred while an amusement device was being supervised by a "volunteer" supplied by the event organiser, the Public Liability Insurance policy would be Null and Void - neither the ride operator nor the event organiser would be covered by insurance. Certain attractions, not classified as "amusement devices", are excempt from this clause. This includes Football Shootout, Super Soaker, Fairy Floss machine and Snow Cone machine.

When do the rides arrive to be set up?

ETA varies from function to function, depending on the number of attractions booked, starting time and day of the event. For Friday evening events, we normally arrive just after 9.00am on the Friday. For weekend events, we'd prefer to arrive the day before if possible. If the attractions are booked elsewhere the day before the event, we may arrive that night after pack up.

If the rides arrive the day before the event, who provides the security?

We will provide all overnight security for the amusements, if the organising committee has not booked security themselves. At the amusements are normally located some distance from Stages, Stalls etc, our staff cannot be relied upon to secure the entire event site.

Can the rides operate in wet weather?

No, due to safety issues. Passing and occassional showers are ok. We stop operating the attractions while the rain is falling. Once the wet weather clears, the equipment is towel dried, then operations re-commence. If the weather deteriorates to the point where the showers are continual/persistant or light rain is falling, online weather maps need to be inspected before a decision is made on the continuation of the amusements. Not only is wet weather a safety issue, no parent wants their children exposed to such conditions for an extended period of time.

Can riders wear Plaster Casts?

Riders in casts are still able to use the majority of rides and attractions providing they can sit comfortably in the ride; all restraints are fitted properly and they can hold onto the lap bar/restraint system in place. Riders with plaster casts or braces will be restricted from riding rides where the cast or brace may present a hazard to the guest or others. This includes inflatable Jumping Castles and the Super Slide.

Can riders carry loose articles?

No, as loose articles may present a hazard to the guest, others or the ride mechanism whilst in operation.

How much space do you need for the rides?

The area requirement for each amusement device is listed on the ride's specification page on this website. Please include space at the front of each attraction for queuing. Generally, we need an area of around 30m in depth, by a width that depends on the number and size of the items booked. A Google Earth site plan of the School grounds, with a superimposed amusement layout, is available from Jubilee.

Can you meet the Event Committee on-site?

Yes, we do site inspections on a regular basis. Access and area suitability can be checked, along with the development of a Site Plan.

Our organisation is planning a School Fete. What options are there for booking the rides?

There's are two formats used in the supply of amusement rides at Fetes, Fairs, and Festivals - Flat-Rate Hire and Share of Sales.

  • Flat-Rate Hire: The Organising Committee pays a set amount or "hire fee" to the ride operator, for each amusement ride provided. The Committee's PROFIT = TOTAL SALES less TOTAL HIRE FEE.
  • Share of Sales: The Ride Operator supplies the attractions "free of charge". At the end of the event, total ticket/pass sales are distributed on an 80(operator)/20(organisation) basis.

How do we book Jubilee Entertainment?

Once a quote has been accepted, we forward a Booking Form to the Hirer. Two versions are available - one for Profit Share and another for Flat-Rate Hire. Along with the Booking Form, we send a copy of our Conditions of Hire. The Booking Form is then returned by the Hirer, with associated deposit paid, to lock in the attractions.

Are images of the rides available for advertising?

Yes, high-resolution Ride Images are available from our Downloads page. A Password is required to access the images.