Alien Laser Game

Greetings Earthlings!

The Alien Laser Game is the ultimate in high-tech interactive rides, where state-of-the-art special effects combine with spectacular lighting and music, to create an exciting, "out of the world" experience. The aim of the game is to test your skills and courage by nullifying the Alien invaders, all within the confines of a huge, multi-chambered inflatable Space Ship.

Lights flash, smoke swirls, and the music pounds as you seek out the Alien intruders in this maze of foggy corridors and bouncy obstacles. After 5 minutes of adrenalin pumping action, the scores are checked, to see who has survived the Alien Attack!

The Alien Laser Game is available for hire throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and Northern Rivers NSW. Contact Jubilee Entertainment for a quote on the Alien Laser Game today.


Category - Interactive inflatable

Height Restrictions - suitable for ages 5 to 15 years.

Capacity - 15 players.

Throughput - 150 players per hour

Space Required - 12m in width by 18m in depth.

Power - three single phase power points required.

Lighting - Lighting supplied as standard at evening events.

Access - Small truck access required.

Weather - Due to safety issues, Alien Laser Game cannot operate during inclement weather conditions including light/heavy rain, extremely high winds, and storms.

Ride Operations

Financials - Available on either a Profit Share or Flat-rate Hire format.

General Safety - Players must ensure all personal belongings (mobile phone, bags etc) and articles of clothing (shoes, caps) do not dislodge during the course of the ride.

Medical Restrictions - Prohibited for guests with Casts, back or neck trouble; heart trouble or high blood pressure.

Public Liability Insurance - Alien Laser Game is fully covered by $20 Million Public Liability Insurance.

Amusement Ride Log Books - Each amusement ride's Log Book remains with the device at all times, and may be inspected with prior notice.

Ride Rules

  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • Do not jump the line.
  • Walk to and from the ride - do not run.
  • Observe age, height and weight requirements.
  • Follow instructions of ride operator.
  • Do not force a child to ride if he/she is scared.
  • Secure all loose articles such as bags, phone, sunglasses and headwear before playing.
  • Do not run inside the inflatable

amusement ride height safety sign