Fairy Floss For Hire

The Sweetest of Treats!

No Fete, Fair, Festival or Fun Day is complete without the magic of Fairy Floss, and there's no doubt melt-in-your-mouth FRESH is BEST!

Mouth-watering Fairy Floss served fresh on a stick is the sweetest treat of all, and coming straight from the machines - tastes soooo good!

Our professionally operated Fairy Floss Stall is available on a Share of Profit basis, where Jubilee staff do all the setting up, spinning, serving and cleaning. At the end of the event, the organiser receives a set percentage of total sales - it's that easy!


Category - Fairground Fun Food

Financials - Supplied on either a Share of Sales or Flat-Rate hire basis

Space Required - 3m by 3m Marquee

Power - Single phase power required.

Age Recommendation - Suitable for all ages.

Fairy Floss Hire Requirements

With each hire of the Fairy Floss machine, you will need to organise the following:

  • Fairy Floss mix (plain sugar & raspberry flavouring)
  • Fairy Floss sticks
  • One heavy duty power lead
  • Access to a single phase power point no more than 25m from the power source, & that is NOT shared with other appliances (the Fairy Floss machine draws about 10 amps)
  • Portashade or Ezi Up style marquee
  • Table & Table cloth
  • Bucket of water & cleaning cloth
  • Signage - a serving of Fairy Floss normally retails for $3.00
  • Float & cash box
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Volunteers to operate - no experience necessary

All Fairy Floss consumables can be purchased from Gold Medal Products at Mansfield. Usage varies depending on the size of the fete and time of the year (Fairy Floss sells best in the cooler weather). At a small Fete, expect to sell 100-150 serves and use 10kgs of mix. At a medium-sized Fete - 300 serves using 15kgs of mix. A large Fete in winter can see 500 serves of Fairy Floss sold using 25kgs of mix.

Jubilee Entertainment can supply Fairy Floss consumables with the machine hire.

Fairy Floss Instructions

Making Fairy Floss is very easy. It takes no more than 5 minutes to "master the art"! To set up:

  • Ensure both "heater" and "Motor" switches are turn "off"
  • Place the bowl over the machine, then fit the Perspex dome over the bowl, with the higher side of the dome facing the public. Secure the Dome to the bowl with the pin.
  • Plug in the power, making sure the HEAVY DUTY extension cord is pushed right into the socket or it may burn the plug. Also ensure the machine is no more than 20 metres from the power point, as the voltage drop may be too low for the machine to operate successfully.
  • Switch motor "on" - the machine "head" will begin to spin. Ensure children cannot access any moving parts.
  • Fill the centre of the hole in the machine head about 3/4 with sugar/flavouring mix.
  • Turn on the HEAT. This works best at #5 on the dial in summer...#6 in winter. The machine will take approx 3 minutes to warm up - longer in winter.
  • Don't let the sugar run out in the centre hole - the machine will begin to vibrate and the floss will taste "burnt". Top up the machine with sugar mix after 3-4 flosses.
  • When the floss starts to emerge, turn your hand around the edge of the bowl wrapping the floss around the stick. We recommend (for right-handed people) that you hand travel in an anti-clockwise direction (slowly!) while you turn the stick in a clockwise direction. It's easy once you get the knack!
  • When you wish to stop making floss, turn off the "heat" first. The motor can remain running providing you are supervising the machine, otherwise, turn the "motor" off also.
  • Upon completion, please do not clean the machine as water will damage the electrical components.