Laser Skirmish

Let the fun begin!

Welcome to Mobile Laser Skirmish - where you can experience the ultimate laser adventure. Since Jubilee first introduced the Alien Attack Laser Game back in 1998, children throughout south-east Queensland have had the time of the lives, engaging the Aliens inside our giant inflatable Spaceship.

Mobile Laser Skirmish is a brand-new "outdoor" version of the immensely popular game, where cutting edge technology combines with action-orientated team play to create a thrilling, heart-racing experience. Set amongst a maze of inflatable bunkers, pillars, obstacles & arches; players must de-activate their opponents using their Laser Phasers.

Game on! Mobile Laser Skirmish does not require any prior skills. The objective of the game, is to use your phaser to tag your opponents and accumulate the most amount of points. All players receive a full briefing, explaining in detail how the game operates. During play, experience staff members will be in the arena close at hand, to supervise and help those who do not fully understand the system. After 5 minutes of frantic, frenzied fun, the player with the highest score is the winner!

Mobile Laser Skirmish is an exciting and challenging non-contact game. Whether you're 7 or 77, the experience is exhilarating and immersive, with fun lurking around every corner.

If it's Corporate Entertainment or Team Building that you're after, then Mobile laser Skirmish is a must. Superb for getting two teams working together. As the games can be fast and furious, quick turnover is achieved ensuring plenty of "game time" for all.

Mobile Laser Skirmish is not only great fun, it's completely safe too! Each Laser Phaser emits an invisible and harmless infrared beam, similar to the ones used in your TV remote control.

Features of Mobile Alien Skirmish include:

  • Quick set up/pack up
  • Game played on grass or synthetic turf
  • Individual or team play
  • Suitable for school fetes, company picnics, presentation days etc.
  • Equipment is safe and easy to use
  • Full supervision by experienced staff
  • Extremely safe with no physical contact
  • Parents can participate with their children
  • Full Public Liability insurance
  • Specially designed inflatable playing arena exclusive to Jubilee

Mobile Laser Skirmish will transport you to another world...a world of fantasy and science fiction. The fun is out there....we are not alone!

Laser Skirmish is available for hire throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and Northern Rivers NSW. Contact Jubilee Entertainment for a quote on Laser Skirmish today.


Category - Interactive Attraction

Height Restrictions - suitable for ages 6 years to adult.

Capacity - 20 players.

Throughput - 200 players per hour

Space Required - Playing arena is flexible. The prefered dimensions if 25m by 25m on grass.

Power - One single phase power point required.

Lighting - Lighting supplied as standard at evening events.

Access - Small truck access required.

Weather - Due to safety issues, Laser Skirmish cannot operate during inclement weather conditions including light/heavy rain, extremely high winds, and storms.

Ride Operations

Financials - Available on either a Profit Share or Flat-rate Hire format.

General Safety - Players must ensure all personal belongings (mobile phone, bags etc) and articles of clothing (shoes, caps) do not dislodge during the course of the ride.

Medical Restrictions - Prohibited for guests with back or neck trouble; heart trouble or high blood pressure; and expectant mothers.

Public Liability Insurance - Laser Skirmish is fully covered by $20 Million Public Liability Insurance.

Amusement Ride Log Books - Each amusement ride's Log Book remains with the device at all times, and may be inspected with prior notice.

Ride Rules

  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • Do not jump the line.
  • Walk to and from the ride - do not run.
  • Observe age, height and weight requirements.
  • Follow instructions of ride operator.
  • Do not force a child to ride if he/she is scared.
  • Secure all loose articles such as bags, phone, sunglasses and headwear before playing.
  • Stay within the cordoned off playing area at all times.

amusement ride height safety sign