Rock Climbing Wall

Take up the challenge and reach for the top!

Mobile Rock Climbing Walls are fast becoming a major entertainment showpiece that the whole family to enjoy. Rock walls are available in several sizes, and are ideally suited to indoor or outdoor functions, including grand openings, picnics, carnivals, indoor conventions, corporate promotions, birthday parties, church and community events, fetes, fairs, and festivals.

Mobile Rock Cimbing Walls feature an extreme texture system, which offers the most realistic rock surface on the market - either in a "granite" or "Boulder" theme. With trees, waterfalls, cracks, and overhangs; you are provided with a wide variety of natural climbing routes, just like the real thing!! Colour coded "hand holds" in a variety of configurations, add to the challenge, allowing climbs of varying degrees of difficulty.

The wall's design includes 5 climbing stations, and are fully equipped with manual, or hydraulic "failsafe" auto-belay systems.

How does the rock climbing wall work? The climber is placed in a harness that is attached to a safety line connected to the Belay system. Once the climber reaches the top, they push off and the Belay lowers the climber safely to the ground.

Who can use a mobile rock climbing wall? Any person over 4 years of age (20kgs) and under 110kgs. Interested in trying something new? No experience? No problem! This exhilarating rock climbing adventure is designed for many different skill levels, from the beginner to the true professional.

How long does it take to set up the Mobile Rock Climbing Wall? The set up time is approximately 20 minutes and can be done by one person. We allow one hour, which includes access, site assessment, Workplace, Health and Safety checklists and initial preparation.

What area is required? The actual area of the Rock Wall when full erected is 2.5m in width by 8.0m in depth. The operational area (including fencing) is 5.0m in width by 10.0m in depth.

The Mobile Rock Climbing Wall requires no power during operation, and therefore, generators are not required.

How safe is a Portable Rock Climbing Wall? Equipment is annually inspected by qualified engineers, and nationally registered with the department of Workplace, Health and Safety (QLD). All staff are fully trained and experienced in the operation of a mobile Rock Climbing Walls.

Under what weather conditions can a Rock Climbing Wall operate?Like most amusement attractions, the Rock Wall has been designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. The operator reserves the right to cease all activities should the weather deteriorate to a point where climbers or the general public are at risk to accident or injury. High winds, electrical storms, and light rain are such examples.

Are the Rock Walls insured? $20m Public Liability Insurance covers the portable Rock Climbing Wall and all participants.

The Rock Climbing Wall is available for hire throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and Northern Rivers NSW. Contact Jubilee Entertainment for a quote on the Rock Climbing Wall today.

Ride Rules

  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • Do not jump the line.
  • Walk to and from the ride - do not run.
  • Observe age, height and weight requirements.
  • Follow instructions of ride operator.
  • Do not force a child to ride if he/she is scared.
  • Secure all loose articles such as bags, phone, sunglasses and headwear before climbing.
  • Physically or mentally challenged guests, expectant mothers, and those with health conditons may not find this attraction suitable or may not be permitted to ride.

amusement ride height safety sign