Sideshow Games Trailer For Hire

Laughing Clowns

The Laughing Clowns are one of the most popular attractions for any event, as all ages from toddlers through to adults can't wait to "step right up and try their luck"! This game requires timing and concentration as you drop the balls into the clown's mouth and attempt to line up a prize winning score - all while the Clown's head is rotating from side to side!

Jubilee can provide the Laughing Clowns on a stand-alone basis, or with a fully equipped Sideshow Games trailer. A full range of bright, colourful "fluffy" toys are supplied and displayed on the back wall of the Trailer along with built-in signage. At the end of the event, the Hirer pays for the stock that has been awarded as prizes.

The prizes supplied with the trailer come in three sizes - Large, Medium and Small. The largest prizes are displayed in rows at the top of the display. The prizes include all the most popular characters such as Pandas, Bears, Pigs, Ponies, Chickens, Monkeys, Giraffes and more!

If a player is skillful enough to place all five balls in the No 1 or No 6 slot and achieve a total score of 5 or 30, the player can select any prize from the display. This is called "pick of the stand".

Medium sized and smaller prizes are awarded to other designated scores, which are featured on the signage. The Game os often played on a "Every Player Wins A Prize" basis i.e a consolation prize is awarded to any player who does not win a Small, Medium or Large prize. All consolation prizes are provided by the Hirer.

The Sideshow Games trailer can be set up on virtually any level surface such as grass, bitumen or concrete providing vehicular access is available. We provide all operational instructions and training.

Specifications - Sideshow Games Trailer

Category - Interactive Family Attraction

Financials - Available on either a Share of Sales or Flat-Rate hire basis

Space Required Sideshow Trailer - 8m in width by 4m in depth (plus space at the front for queuing/spectators)

Power - Single phase power required.

Age Restrictions - Suitable for all ages.

Supervision - Full supervision by Jubilee Attendants is supplied on Profit Share events. Supervisors are also available when the Sideshows are booked on a "hire" basis, however normally the hirer provides a person to operate.

Prizes - All prizes are supplied by Jubilee Entertainment on Profit Share events. When the Sideshow Games are booked on a "hire" basis, Jubilee provides the Small, Medium and Large Prizes with the hirer providing the consolation prizes.

The signage included with the trailer features the following scores:

  • No 5, 30 - Large Prize
  • No 6, 7, 28, 29 - Medium Prize
  • No 8, 9, 26, 27 - Small Prize

Operation - Carnival Clowns

  • Sideshow Clowns come in sets of three Clowns. Each set is supplied on a Stand, requiring an area of approximately 2.5m in width by 1.0m in depth. We will supply the Ping Pong Balls.
  • Each player gets 5 Ping Pong Balls, which are placed in the Clown's mouth (one at a time, otherwise they will jam).
  • The five Balls make their way into slots at the front of the Clowns. The Slots are numbered 1 to 6.
  • At the end of the Game, the player adds up the total score. Scores range from 5 (5 balls in the #1 slot) to 30 (5 balls in the #6 slot).
  • In terms of Prize levels, this is based on probability i.e the lower the probability that a particular total will be achieved, the higher the value of that prize.
  • Normally, every player wins a prize of some value, however, the way the Game is played is up to the Hirer.