Super Soaker

Come and get soaked!

Come and get soaked! Super Soaker is a great new interactive attraction from Jubilee. Featuring all the excitement of the traditional Dunk Tank, Super Soaker is 100% safe to operate, as the water falls, not the person. It's simple to use; just throw the ball, hit the target and SPLASH! - a huge water-filled balloon bursts overhead - drenching the "volunteer" below.

Everyone can join in the fun, as there are no size, age or physical restrictions that apply to the players. Super Soaker sets up in minutes and is environmentally friendly too - using a fraction of the water required to fill a traditional Dunk Tank.

This is as much fun to watch as it is to play. Children will line up by the hundreds to try and Super Soak a teacher or the Headmaster. Other non-playing kids can't wait to sit and be drenched, especially on the warm days in Summer!

Perfect for all outdoor events including fetes, Fairs & Fun days; Super Soaker brings fun and excitement for the whole family to enjoy.


Category - Fairground Entertainment

Financials - Available on a Flat-Rate hire basis

Space Required - 3m by 3m

Power - N/A

Age Restrictions - Suitable for all ages.

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